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Calgary Electrical Services

Ampt Over Electric is a locally trusted Calgary electrician with more than 10 years of experience. Our priority is ensuring that Calgary homeowners are provided with trustworthy electrical services. We are your go-to electrical contractor with your best interest at heart, and here are some of the reasons that set us aside from our competitors.

Our Service Guarantee

At Ampt Over Electric we pride ourselves on being honest professionals. We do our very best to respect you and your home when giving you the best quality electrical work by expert certified and licensed technicians. All of our staff are master electricians or journeyman electricians so you can have peace of mind knowing the work done is completed by certified and competent electricians. We are insured on every project for over 2 million dollars in liability, our company is licensed and we are bonded. Our staff is friendly and punctual, we provide fast turnaround without compromising high standards, and we are highly rated with the highest rate of customer satisfaction possible.

Our Code and Safety Guarantee

Every job that we complete at Ampt Over Electric comes with a Code & Safety Guarantee. All equipment and materials we use meet or exceed code in your area. Every necessary permit will be acquired and all inspections completed. We ensure 100% compliance with standard and safety on every project we work on.

It is no longer news that buildings with aluminum wiring installed have been advised to replace it with copper due to several issues bordering around safety, efficiency, performance, and durability. However, hiring an experienced Calgary electrician could be challenging, but with Ampt Over Electric, you have nothing to worry about.

Many years ago, aluminum wiring was popular, but now, its flaws have become evident, which necessitate its unavoidable replacement. One of the reasons given for the replacement is breakage caused by inappropriate stripping of the wires and extreme tightening of splices. This situation has created a lot of hassles for homeowners in the areas of functionality and getting their homes insured because most insurance companies suggest aluminum wiring replacement with copper before they could insure the property.

To ensure full compliance with this request, homeowners in Calgary must hire licensed electricians that are experienced and trustworthy to replace the aluminum wiring with copper. You should never wait until get out of hand before you carry out necessary aluminum wiring replacement.

How do you discover aluminum wiring problems?

Here are the noticeable symptoms of faulty aluminum wiring:

  1. Plugs will not work
  2. Frequent tripping of circuit breakers and failure of fuses
  3. Flickering lights
  4. A strange smell like a burning plastic
  5. Constant sparks or smoke around electrical devices

Ampt Over Electric is a professional and certified Calgary electrician you can hire to diagnose the symptoms highlighted above and provide the right solutions to the problems about the aluminum wiring problems. If you need aluminum wiring replacement or fixing the cause of aluminum wiring problem, we assure you of the best services possible in the entire Calgary area: Our electrical services are efficient, prompt, reliable and highly recommended my local Calgary homeowners.

Circuit breakers are located in a panel with the primary purpose of cutting off power when the current is extremely high. Circuit breakers are a replacement for fuses that were previously used on home electrical systems to prevent high current from getting to the panel.

Circuit breakers can be repaired and replaced depending on the level of damage to it. However, you should not attempt to work on an electric circuit breaker except you have experience. There are usually multiple breakers on a circuit breaker panel with each serving a different circuit. Always contact licensed electricians Calgary whenever you have any electrical issues either with your circuit breakers or other appliances. If you are unsure please do not attempt DIY electrical work and contact our certified Calgary electricians in the name of safety.

At Ampt Over Electric, we offer repairs and replacement for all types of circuit breakers. Repairing your faulty breakers (if they can be repaired) can be a fraction of the cost of new circuit breakers; so, let us handle your circuit breakers for you. We have highly qualified electricians that will repair your broken circuit breakers in no time to reduce your downtime.

We service, repair, and replace all makes and models of circuit breakers. Contact us at Ampt Over Electric for all your circuit breakers needs; our team is eagerly waiting to help.

Electrical inspections are a great way to ascertain and confirm that the electrical system is safe and is capable of providing the level of service needed. We are a licensed electrical company that offers professional, full-service electrical inspections to industrial, commercial, and residential clients. We carry out inspections according to the national and local electrical codes. We prioritize your safety and cater to your electrical requirements.

Electrical inspection involves a thorough assessment of all breaker panels, wiring, electrical outlets, a network of switches, and all necessary components that should work in harmony for safety and proper operation. No issue is minor when inspecting because it could result in a serious fire hazard. A detailed electrical inspection will help to rectify these problems and other problems like energy loss.

The importance of electrical inspections includes:

  1. Identifying and resolving non-operational components
  2. Correction of potentially dangerous electrical issues
  3. Updating and repairing old wiring, outlets, switches, etc.
  4. Repair and replacement of aluminum wiring
  5. Correction of mistakes made through DIY connections
  6. Bringing a building up to the electrical code
  7. Testing carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, and other safety devices
  8. Identifying and upgrading outdated electrical panels
  9. Enhancement of energy efficiency and reduction of costs
  10. Ensuring the safety of the entire building

Ampt Over Electric offers first-rate electrical inspections that provide clients with the peace of mind they need and provide certificates of inspection same day. When you require the services of electricians Calgary for electrical inspections, Ampt Over Electric is your best choice.

Energy efficiency is an important issue you have to look into irrespective of the size or nature of your building whether a residential, commercial or industrial building. Energy efficiency electrical services are beneficial to the environment, your budget, and help to reduce utility bills and overhead costs. Many provinces including Alberta have incentive programs to encourage home and business owners to be more energy efficient homes and businesses and offer grants along with other government subsidized programs to help you flip the bill.

To evaluate the level of energy efficiency of your building, you need to hire a Calgary electrician to carry out a thorough inspection. We are Ampt Over Electric, master and journeyman electricians in Calgary that provide excellent energy efficiency electrical services and professional, invaluable advice with recommendations on the best ways to attain energy efficiency. Ways to achieve energy efficiency include replacing light bulbs with more energy efficient options like LED lights which is the most popular but there are also aluminum wiring replacement, replacement of circuit breakers, and many other things you can do to increase the energy efficiency in your home.

LED Lighting Conversions

LED lighting has several benefits such as:

  1. High lighting quality and better brightness than other light sources
  2. Instant illumination immediately it is turned on
  3. Less susceptibility to flickering
  4. Constant light output throughout its lifetime
  5. Improvement in color quality

Contact Ampt Over Electric today and ask about our energy efficiency packages. We are happy to help you through increasing the efficiency of your home and save you money in the long run.

These are cutting-edge kits that connect the heating system in your home to the internet – giving you the opportunity to control the HVAC of your home on your smartphone or other devices when you are away from home. Internet connectivity is a prerequisite for this innovation. Talk to our electricians in Calgary to install smart thermostats in your home and achieve energy efficiency without breaking the bank.  

The cost of installing smart thermostats will be recouped over time from the money you could have spent on the utility bill. Get in touch with Ampt Over Electric today to upgrade your HVAC appliances with smart thermostats.

Almost every gadget in your home can be connected to an online hub and controlled remotely with a smartphone or smart speaker nowadays. Setting up a smart home can be challenging because it involves upgrading all the devices in your home and setting them up to be controlled by a smart device from wherever you are.

Smart home technology ensures that you can control your room temperature from anywhere, turn on and off your lights, and control all the smart electrical devices in your home from the comfort of your smartphone from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. Such an amazing world we live in. This is an excellent way to achieve energy efficiency and cut down on energy bills. For help and upgrading your home or office to smart home technology, contact Ampt Over Electric, your local Calgary electricians.

Looking for a reliable Calgary electrician to hire for your residential electrical wiring? You have come to the right to the right place; Ampt Over Electric is a licensed local electrician serving the entire Calgary area. 

Getting your home electrical wiring done by an expert that understands relevant electrical codes and safety measures is the best way to have your home electrical system functioning optimally without posing threats or hazards. Our team of master and journeyman electricians have wired home from the ground up through hundreds of residential building projects in Calgary. No matter what the problem that you are having with the electrical system in your home, chances are that we have seen and fixed it hundreds of times in the past. 

Perhaps you may be in the situation where bought a home in Calgary and it needs to have its electrical wiring inspected and certified, we are your one-stop contractor for electrical inspections, electrical renovations, and electrical permits. We have built trust in the community holding more than 10 years of experience, and we comply with the all best acceptable practices in our industry. For installation and wiring of lighting fixtures, ceilings, fans, and pot lights, we assure you of an enhanced experience scheduled around you and completed promptly and professionally.

Over the years, we have perfected our approaches and raised the bar of excellence to the level too high to beat for the competition. We are your best choice for safe and efficient residential electrical wiring and all your other electrical needs in the Calgary area. Get wired by using one of our trusted and experienced Calgary electricians and enjoy peace of mind in your home.

A hot tub enhances the functionality of your home by adding a level of luxury and a place to relax and relieve stress at the end of the day. In Calgary, these are highly sought out because of our bizarre weather patterns. However, a hot tub installation should be carried out by a professional electrical company that is experienced. The worst thing you want is to get a new hot tub and have the installation go wrong and not only delay the project but perhaps end up in a costly endeavour simply over hiring unqualified electricians. Besides, potential dangers are involved in wiring a hot tub since water and electricity do not mix; as a result, it is a job for licensed and qualified Calgary electrical contractors.

Several technicalities are involved in the hot tub installation ranging from the required voltage to appropriate gauge of wire, the location for the electrical connections, and safety precautions to follow. Avoid do-it-yourself hot tub installation by all means; this is not a joke.

Ampt Over Electric has a team of master and journeyman electricians eager to help you get the hot tub up and running safely and as fast as possible. We have the technical know-how, knowledge of the safety measures, and all the requirements and certifications to guarantee your best experience. As a reputable Calgary electrician, we prioritize your satisfaction and the best performance of your hot tub.

In accordance with building codes, we will help you to obtain permits for your hot tubs, and all necessary codes and standards will be followed. We have installed thousands of hot tubs in Calgary and are the most experienced Calgary electricians for the job.

Wiring the power outlets and electrical switches require carefulness and involves techniques that untrained people may overlook and create electrical problems in the home. When connecting outlets and switches, it is essential to maintain proper polarity for electricity to flow in the correct direction and avoid risks of danger and electric shock. Whether you are wiring new outlets and switches or you are updating for better style, we will make safe, long-lasting connections to the right terminal for efficiency, safety, and we’ll make it look good!

Connecting power outlets and electrical switches is not to be done by novices, irrespective of the tutorials you may have watched; it is simply meant to be carried out by professional Calgary electricians to avoid potential hazards and ensure compliance with the acceptable electrical code in Alberta.

To change old wall plugs and switches, Ampt Over Electric is your reliable Calgary electrician. We have the required knowledge and experience to guarantee the use of standard and high-quality wall plugs and electrical switches and replace faulty and non-functional ones. Ensuring that your home wiring meets the standards laid down by the Government of Canadas Electrical Code is our priority and getting it done correctly is our forte.

For your residential or commercial power outlets, wall plugs, and electrical switches, contact us at Ampt Over Electric. We guarantee you professional timely service and spent years building trust in the Calgary community. 

As your home gets older, the electrical panels have a hard time meeting with the increased electrical demand on the system. Older homes have 60AMPS while the new electrical code specifies that homes should be 100AMPS. If your home is more than 10 years old, it may not meet the electrical code set by the government of Canada. Consequently, you need to upgrade your panel to meet the latest code.

These days TVs, computers, lights, and other electrical gadgets are energy efficient, but with our demand for the abundance of power this increasing technology requires a higher demand for electricity. As a result, to ensure compliance and an efficient electrical system in many homes and businesses, the need to install sub panels, upgrade panels for renovations and expand electrical systems in high demand to put it literally.

You may need panel upgrade in your home for these two reasons:

  1. the panel becoming too small to keep up with the electrical needs of the home, and
  2. the panel becoming unsafe and at risk of causing an electrical shock or a fire.

We specialize in many additions to a property that require panel upgrade services. Some of these are shop panel upgrades, guest house panel upgrades, and basement suite panel upgrades.

To get the job done correctly, Ampt Over Electric has a team of master and journeyman Calgary electricians for panel upgrade services. We do not compromise standards but ensure compliance at all levels for safety and efficiency. We are the Calgary electrician you can trust for all your electrical installations and upgrades.

For lighting services; our Calgary electricians specialize in the installation, commissioning, inspection and testing, repair, and replacement of all lighting in commercial and residential applications. The lighting in your home or business is arguably the most important electrical installation in your home; as a result, it deserves the best you can give it.

The trend in the electrical world to attain energy efficiency today is to use LED lighting for not only for the interior but also in the outdoor area to serve as security. Quite a large number of Calgary electricians specialize in this area, however you want to ensure that the technician completing the work for you is a master electricians, a journeyman electrician, or under the supervision of one of these certified individuals. At Ampt Over Electric we have spend years building a sterling reputation are the city of Calgary and beat our competition hands down with the quality of our project and eye for aesthetics while ensuring the highest level of functionality possible.

Our expertise is first-rate, and our reliability is of the highest level. Hire us for your Calgary residential or commercial lighting services and have the confidence that you will get the top quality that is both efficient and safety.

Installing a smoke detector in your home is both the standard and a safety measure to prevent fire accidents in your home. It should be done correctly for the best results and safety of the people residing the residence or working in the business. A malfunctioning smoke detector is a serious threat to you and your family and/or coworkers.

To guarantee top functionality, smoke detectors must be maintained and inspected regularly, and their batteries must be changed regularly. Take note that smoke detectors are voided every 10 years and must be replaced as stated by the government of Canadas electrical code.

Let us choose correct locations for your smoke detector, install them professionally, and wire the devices appropriately. Professional installation and maintenance will benefit your home, business, and wherever you want to install the device on. Call our team of journeyman electricians for smoke detector installation, repairs, and replacement today. Your safety is our priority.

We are a leading Calgary electrical company and the best you can hire for smoke detector installation and repair. Contact us to guarantee your safety and your property’s protection.

A power surge happens in the home and to protect your appliances and other electrical gadgets from damage due to excessive power. surge protector installation is the way to go to prevent this from happening. A properly installed surge protector will protect all your plugged in devices and prevent their internal components from blowing up due to excessive power. Installing these protective devices helps to protect your home from fire outbreak due to overheating caused by defective wiring, which is the primary cause of the fire outbreak in homes.

Surge protector installation does not only protect your electronics but also safeguard your entire home. Protect your home. Protect your property. And protect your family by installing high-quality surge protectors.

If your surge protector is damaged, it is essential that you have it repaired as soon as possible to fix it again and keep your home protected. We offer top notch surge protector installation and repair. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. We have the experience and knowledge of the acceptable electrical code for your safety.

Call us to examine the state of the surge protector in your home; and if you do not have any installed, we will help you install one for your protection. If your surge protector is faulty, we will fix it professionally, and it will function without any inhibitions. Contact Ampt Over Electrics team of electricians in Calgary  today and secure your home.


Ampt Over Electric Homestars

10/10 (42 reviews)

I would highly recommend Ampt Over for electrical work. Jorden was great to deal with. He was easy to reach and was able to fit in our renovation schedule with minimal effort. He was on time for the work and did his worked quickly and efficiently. We passed our electrical inspection by the city with no hassles.
Katrine Konopnicki
Katrine Konopnicki
16:07 01 Mar 19
Honestly best service! Very friendly, professional and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the work. Even helped out with suggestions and ideas for placement. Would highly recommend Ampt Over Electric.
Michelle Landry
Michelle Landry
03:40 01 Mar 19
What a pleasure dealing with AMPT Electrical!Outstanding customer service. Calls were promptly returned, and appointments on time. Professional, as well as personable, AND reasonable pricing. We highly recommend AMPT!Susan & Mike
Susan Weckerle
Susan Weckerle
20:22 20 Feb 19
Jorden was very professional and courteous. I was very pleased with the reno and got him to do some other projects around the house. We would highly recommend him.
Scott Stansbury
Scott Stansbury
05:01 13 Feb 19
Very pleased with the outcome of this service! Jordan was awesome about getting back to us with answers to any questions we had throughout the process. Would recommend him to others.
Nicole Tofin
Nicole Tofin
02:51 08 Feb 19
Maintenance manager at a hotel. I have used Ampt for electrical work on small and large projects over the years. Always looks great and always to code.
don capone
don capone
17:19 05 Feb 19
We had the guys do the electrical hookup for our hot tub. The guys were polite and informative. They finished the job on budget and without any headaches. We would highly recommend and would definitely use them again. Thanks again guys!!
Chris Turgeon
Chris Turgeon
03:00 05 Feb 19
Jorden was very knowledgeable and professional, they finished the contracted job on time and within budget, I will definitely be using Ampt Over Electric for any future projects, as well I’ll be referring him to friends and family.
Trevor Wilde
Trevor Wilde
02:50 05 Feb 19
I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and punctuality that Jorden provided. He kept me and my husband informed throughout the entire process. I highly recommend AMPT Over Electric for all your electrical needs.
Ashley Young
Ashley Young
14:33 04 Feb 19
Amar Kalha
Amar Kalha
04:59 04 Feb 19
The guys at Ampt Over were amazing! We renovated our office and did a lighting upgrade. Would use and recomend these guys again!!
Tavis Loveday
Tavis Loveday
04:42 04 Feb 19
Chase Olsen
Chase Olsen
20:24 21 Sep 17
Been working with Jorden Mccullough from Ampt Over Electric for more than 10 years. He is the the most educated and thorough electrician that I know. If you are looking for someone to do the job right the first time for honest competitive pricing, Call AMPT!
Corey Hayes
Corey Hayes
05:24 05 Apr 17
I am so impressed with the service provided by this company. The guys came when they said they would were very fast efficient tidy and polite. The prices were very reasonable too. They were hired by my employer to do some repairs at my office. Shortly after I required some electrical work done at home and hired them to do it. I highly recommend them
Jane Audet
Jane Audet
04:46 15 Dec 15
Lacey Zacharias
Lacey Zacharias
18:02 18 Nov 15



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