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Electrical Inspection Services in Calgary

Electrical Inspection Services

Whether you just bought a house or have lived in it for a while, small improvements can pay off and increase your property’s resale value. While a little lick of paint and landscaping may do the job on a cosmetic point of view. You will also require a complete electrical inspection to ensure your property’s entire electrical system is in good working order and in accordance with national and local electrical codes. An electrical inspection before buying or selling a property is mandatory. Certified electricians may check things like heating, fire safety, electrical wiring, smoke alarms, electrical panel, outlets, etc.

It is recommended that you employ the services of a registered and certified Calgary electrical inspection company like us when it comes to these situations. If the property you live in or are intending to purchase is older than 10 to 25 years at it may have outdated wiring that can cause safety hazards. Noisy electrical, smoking from outlets, burning smells, discolored outlets, dimmed ceiling lights, aluminum wiring and tube wiring, etc., are all indicators of dated wiring that pose significant risks and need immediate action.

Electrical Inspections for Selling Your Home or for Renovations

Even if you aren’t experiencing any issues with your electrical system and are planning on selling your property or renovate a new space, you are going to require an electrical inspection. Your property may not pass inspection according to today’s safety standards. An electrical inspection in Calgary can be completed by our friendly electricians in a very short time frame. Taking all the necessary precautions is important and will give you the peace of mind knowing that the wiring in your home will not pose a risk to anyone.

A Calgary electrical inspection company can employ several precautions such as installing safety switches on all circuits in your switchboard or installing a surge protector to reduce electricity spikes that can damage your appliances. You should also inquire about electrical inspection services if you suspect that your electrical appliances, power outlets or electrical wiring may have been affected by water damage. Additional services you can expect from a Calgary electrical inspection from Ampt Over Electric include:

  1. Testing power points, lighting, safety switches, power boxes
  2. Checking for any electrical hazards such as exposed wires, dated wiring and uncovered permanent wiring
  3. Checking the home for any DIY wiring
  4. Testing and upgrading dated smoke alarms to code
  5. Electrical code inspection
  6. Electrical troubleshooting and repair
  7. Maintenance of earthing connections and switchboard
  8. Installing a Residual Current Device (RCD)

Whether you live in a brand-new property or older, to have a safe home you need regular electrical inspections to ensure all electrical fittings and installations are properly maintained and up to code. Calgary electrical inspection companies will also give you a certificate of compliance as proof that your property has been checked and complies with electrical regulations. 

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