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Hot Tub Installation in Calgary

Hot Tub Installation Calgary

The City of Calgary requires you to have a building permit as well as an electrical permit in order to install your new hot tub.

You have the option of obtaining a Homeowner’s Electrical Permit, which requires:
  1. that the home is a single family dwelling
  2. that you are the owner and occupant of the home
  3. that you are performing the installation yourself

If you are unsure of where to begin in this process or have no interest in installing and wiring your own hot tub, then you can rely on the expert technicians at AMPT Over Electric. Having over 16 years of experience in the Electrical Industry, our company ensures that your hot tub is installed efficiently, correctly, and safely!

Calgary Hot Tub Installation Services

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Wiring something built to hold water is not a task to take lightly. If you’re looking to ensure that the hot tub you just purchased is installed and wired safely, and runs well for many years to come, then AMPT Over Electric’s expert technicians should be the one’s completing the job. It takes a professional eye to spot potential dangers when installing your hot tub and eliminate the risk of electrocution, fire, or even death. Our experts will survey the area where your hot tub is to be installed and identify the best location for the install. We can send someone out prior to your hot tub’s delivery date and prepare for the installation so that when the hot tub is delivered, the installation and wiring goes smoothly, and your tub’s bubbling in no time.

Our expert technicians are skilled in not only the installation of your hot tub, but also the repair or diagnosis of issues your tub may be having. We can assess the situation, and make our best recommendation on how to repair your tub. Before we begin any work, we will ensure that you are aware of any costs that you might incur and are comfortable with proceeding.

Our expert technicians will come to your home at a time that is convenient for you and fits your schedule best. We want to make this process as easy and painless as possible for you and go out of our way to do so. If that means coming a little later in the evening or on a weekend, then that’s what we’ll do.

No matter the size, type, brand, or model of your tub, our technicians are extremely capable of professionally installing it. We will ensure that the installation and wiring of your hot tub well exceed electrical industry standards and are as safe as possible!

So if you have a hot tub that you’re ready to soak in after a long day of work, then call AMPT Over Electric today at (403) 862-17682 for your hot tub installation and wiring needs!

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