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Commercial Panel Upgrades

Commercial Panel Upgrade

If you own an older commercial property, you probably have experienced electrical issues and chances are the Calgary commercial electricians handling these issues have recommended that you upgrade your electrical panel several times, right? Any fault in an electrical panel can cause all sorts of electrical problems and disrupt electricity to your premises.

Signs you may need a commercial panel upgrade:

  1. You have a fused-based electric panel
  2. Circuit breakers trip frequently
  3. Breakers do not restore power even after being reset
  4. There’s an acrid smell emitting from your panel
  5. The panel box is corroded due to water damage
  6. There’s evidence of electrical fires from discolored marks near to the circuit breakers
  7. You experience shock while touching appliances
  8. You cannot make out the labeling on the breakers
  9. There are humming or buzzing sounds from the panel
  10. The panel is excessively hot

Your breakers may not support all the modern electrical equipment you utilize on a daily basis especially if your property is older than thirty years and putting off an electrical panel upgrade can come with consequences. Some of these can be hazardous, and repairs may be impossible or expensive. A properly functioning electrical panel is essential to the safety and productivity of your business. However in Calgary, many commercial buildings are not keeping up with modern technological advances and are operating with insufficient electrical wiring that can’t handle the sheer quantity and power needs of their equipment. Some commercial buildings require specialty outlets or dedicated circuits for safe and efficient operation. Not only does upgrading an electrical panel guarantee a business’ smooth operations, but it also ensures that the property is keeping with the safety code compliance on the city

It is recommended to schedule a commercial panel upgrade during the weekend so that there’s minimal downtime or power interruption. Fortunately, Ampt Over Electric is always ready to avail themselves at any time to provide a quality upgrade and installation service.

A lot goes into the installation and maintenance of electrical panels and should only be performed by licensed and qualified commercial electrician.

For example, a licensed professional will ensure:

  1. Local planning permits and approvals are received, and wiring is installed to current local codes
  2. The upgraded panel will handle a commercial buildings’ electrical needs
  3. Any dated wiring is repaired or replaced if need be
  4. The use of safe and proper grounding materials and much more

Upgrading your electrical system may be a legal necessity, especially if you are using older models that still use fuses and other outdated equipment that no longer adhere to modern electrical statues. Therefore, whether you are renovating or upgrading an existing commercial building, it is important to exercise care and have your electrical panels installed and maintained by a licensed electrician to ensure that your property meets the latest electrical codes. You will be glad you did it.

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