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LED Lighting in Calgary

Lighting. A vital part of life and home. With lighting our homes are safer, cozier, and more welcoming. Without it, we would have a very hard time doing things after dark, which sometimes means after only 5 pm for us Albertans. Unfortunately, around a quarter of the world’s energy is used for lighting. LED lights use up to 85% less energy than conventional bulbs and last 25 times longer than your regular incandescents.

LED lights are probably the biggest improvement in lighting since the first light bulb was invented. This form of lighting can be built into almost anything and uses a fraction of the energy an incandescent bulb uses. LED lighting can be used in an array of different settings, from a company warehouse to your home. Don’t fret, though. Just because you’re saving energy and money doesn’t mean you have to forgo style. LED lighting is available in countless unique designs and our expert technicians at AMPT Over Electric can professionally install them for you.

LED lights can replace any standard 40, 60, or 100 watt light bulbs as well as replacing the bulbs in track lights, pot lights, fluorescent lights, under cabinet lighting, and almost any lighting around your home or office. Changing your regular incandescent light bulbs to LED lights can improve your home’s energy footprint and be an effective step in making your home green!

Calgary LED Lighting

  • LED Lighting – Energy Savings
  • Exciting LED Lighting Designs
  • Better Light Quality
  • Lower Environmental Impact
  • 20 Year Lifespan

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